Shakespeare for Sociopaths by Kristin Garth: The Playlist

AQ: As promised, here is another special playlist from Kristin Garth - this one is for her upcoming solo chapbook Shakespeare for Sociopaths! I’m really excited to read it next year - especially getting a preview in the form of all the sonnet titles and the songs Kristin has chosen to match each sonnet! Thanks again for another wonderful playlist, Kristin! It has been great having you and your music choices on Pastel Zine’s blog.


KG: Shakespeare for Sociopaths is a chapbook of poetry, all Shakespearean sonnets on villainous characters from true crime, my mind, the news, people who’ve abused, maybe even a muse or two.   I’ve always felt that a sonnet to me represented a cage of form where I could release dark, animalistic thoughts and be safe in its confines.   The poetry cages in this book hold a wide array of villains – murderers, emotional vampires, pedophiles, the Slenderman, bullies, ruthless lawyers, misogynists, Mad Hatters and many more.   As sonnet comes from the Italian “sonneto” which means “little song,”I thought to honor the sonnets in my book, I would make a playlist assigning each sonnet an actual song.  So peruse my table of contents and listen to its soundtrack:    

Ophelia Interrupted                                      Shakespeare by Fink

Stockholm                                                      SOS by Portishead

When You Are Drowning  In A Car              Riverside by Agnes Obel

Canadian Psycho                                           Psycho Killer Talking Heads

The Mouth                                                      Mouth by Bush

Expensive Leotards                                       Home by Phillip Phillips

The Advocate                                                 Blood in the Water from Legally Blonde the Musical

Slender Secrets                                              Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol

Lafave                                                             Tear Away by Drowning Pool

Pudding Man                                                  Til It Happens  by Lady Gaga

Butter                                                             Creep by Vega Choir

Girl With A Pen                                              Just A Girl by No Doubt

Perverted Philanthropy                                You’re So Vain Marilyn Manson

Uniforms                                                        Cheerleader by St. Vincent

Topless Wuthering Heights                          Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush

The Sexual Hypocrite Has No Clothes         Human Nature by Madonna

Dora                                                                Luka by Suzanne Vega

Betazoid                                                         Oh No  by Andrew Bird

The Hunter                                                     Heart Shaped Box  by Nirvana

 Sepulcher                                                       Lust for Life Lana Del Rey with the The


 If the Star Fits                                                Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

Little Legs                                                      Daughters by John Mayer

Stepford Whore                                             Doll Parts by Courtney Love

Southern Gothic Ghosts                                Tomorrow, Wendy by Concrete Blonde

Pine                                The Pine Float by Angelo Badalamenti FWWM soundtrack

Murderess                       Girls Just Want To Have Fun        Greg Laswell

Christian  of Troy                                         Cosmopolitans (tri-factor remix)

by Erin McKeowan

Insanitea White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane

Senator                                                           Happy Birthday Mr. President

by Marilyn Monroe

 Parchment Doll                                              Paper Doll by John Mayer

The Lady Who Loved Lightning                   Don’t Stand So Close To Me by The Police

Water Demon                                                Down By The Water by PJ Harvey

Chrysanthemum                                            Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson

Succubus                                                        Cannibal by Kesha

Peepholes                                                       Audrey’s Dance Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks soundtrack

Poppet                                                            Dragula by Rob Zombie

Asylum                                                           Where is My Mind?  By Maxence Cyrin


A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony Playlist

AQ: I have been keen to feature guest playlists on Pastel Zine’s blog for awhile now - so when I put out a callout for contributions, I was very excited when one of my favourite poets, friends and editor to be Kristin Garth responded! She is providing Pastel Zine’s blog with two great playlists inspired by her upcoming books. The first is a playlist for her collaborative poetry project A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony. Her collaborators Justin Karcher and Tianna Hansen collaborated on this playlist especially for Pastel Zine too - so it’s very exciting to be able to share it. Thank you, all! I’m excited to host you and your playlist and I can’t wait to read your book. I have been loving the poems I have read online! You can read some of them here.

KG: I showed this sonnet to my friend Justin Karcher and he commented on the cool male character inside of it, The Wizard.  I’d done collaborations before but as a poet never with characters, and I thought it would be so fun to explore the dollhouse world of my dreams with collaborators.  After Justin, Tianna Hansen signed on to play the character of the frenemy who came to be known as The Firebird.  Just as in my dream, I became The Doll.   The three of us have such a magical collaboration, and we were so thrilled to expand that to collaborating on a soundtrack for our dreamy poetic opera.  Listen to these songs and prepare yourself to enter my dreams with friends June 2019 brought to you by Rhythm & Bones Press.  This playlist was compiled by The Doll (Kristin Garth), The Wizard (Justin Karcher) and The Firebird (Tianna Hansen).

Dancing on My Own – Robyn

 Behind The Wheel – Maxence Cyrin

Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths

Ceremony – New Order

Father Figure – Tori Amos               

Winter – Vivaldi

Firebird – Galantis

The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy

Paralyzer – Finger Eleven

I Put A spell On You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

The Recluse – Cursive

Tiny Dancer – Florence + The Machine

The Mending of the Gown – Sunset Rubdown

 Burn the Witch – Radiohead

 Monster – Lady Gaga

 Save Me – Aimee Mann

 The Kill (Bury Me) – Thirty Seconds to Mars

 Shrinking Universe - Muse

 Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil

 Dark on Fire – Turin Brakes

 Superstition – Stevie Wonder

 Once Upon A Dream – Lana Del Rey

 My Dark Side – Kelly Clarkson

 Lullaby – Shawn Mullins

 Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo

 L’Oiseau de Feu XII, final hymn – Stravinsky

 A Room of Her Own – Black Swan

 Asia – Salem

 Firestarter – The Prodigy