Pastel Zine's Halloween Favourites

My zine readers who don’t know me already, don’t know me yet - that’s one of the slightly strange things about starting a blog to go with a new zine. One of the things you should know about me is that I’m a goth at heart. A pastel or a colourful kind of goth, though. That’s what the zine’s name is a cheeky reference to. It’s pretty much a cheeky reference to Tumblr culture and the internet and fashion. I love Gothic novels, poetry, theatre and film. It’s definitely a recurring theme in my own writing. I’m very interested in the supernatural and horror and there is plenty of great music referencing it. So here are some of my favourites for Halloween! Some are a little bit more comedy than serious takes on the theme but you can be assured that my interest is definitely serious! I have turned on comments on the zine so feel free to share your faves too!