My Musical Experiments

As I have alluded to before - over the Summer break I began teaching myself how to use Ableton in earnest. I have definitely made the most progress I have made to date. I spent a lot of time working through a number of You Tube tutorials. I made a dubstep beat and a trap beat. They may both be generic sounding learning exercises - but they taught me a little bit about beat construction. I think the beats I will produce myself will be looser and weirder! I think a lot of that will come from my lack of technical skills and my interests. My musical history was listening to a lot of experimental music. Then I returned more to pop and hip hop and other genres. Garage rock and folk and new wave and post punk have always been there. These days it’s a mixture of everything but a lot of hip hop and pop and d.i.y punk, lo fi and soul.

In terms of song lyrics - I have written song lyrics since I was a teenager but in a more formal setting - I wrote a bunch of different song lyrics for one of the creative writing papers I did at Uni last year. Again - the structures were a bit rigid and learning exercises in a way as we had to write a ballad, a blues and then two free songs. The best one was actually the ballad - it’s a pop song inspired by Marina and the Diamonds’ Teen Idle called That Girl. I wrote it prior to Yung Baby Tate’s That Girl!

I’m not the greatest singer around and I’m not so interested in being a pop singer/songwriter. Perhaps I could be a folk one but my inclination has tended towards something more electronic or else d.i.y punk rock based. Cyberfairytales is one of several names I have thought of for my musical project over the years. I have the hook of a song called Sugar Rush which was always going to be the first Cyberfairytales song and it was like hyper electro pop vibes in my head. Over the summer I worked on a reworked version of that hook and then also a new song called Modern Art which is perhaps more of a rap song. Maybe I could get into spoken word a la Kate Tempest. I really like the almost spoken word vibe on the B.E.D album which came out last year too. I’m not sure if I’ll be purely electronic as I do play the guitar as well. I am very influenced by the likes of Skinny Girl Diet and Delilah Holliday’s solo stuff. I’d perhaps like to collaborate with someone musically but there’s a lot of fun to be had doing my own thing in the meantime.