Writing Lyrics

For my second post about my adventures in making music - I thought I would write about writing lyrics. I did a creative writing paper at Uni last year which included songwriting as one of its modules. It was quite useful in a lot of ways as for the assignment - you had to write a ballad, a blues and two free songs. You were meant to use particular songs as models. I used a Joanna Newsom song, a Bessie Smith song, a Belle and Sebastian song and a Marina and the Diamonds one as my models. I had written a fair few songs before I did the course - I wrote my first new lyric a month or so ago. Trying different structures give you a cage to build something in but if you can link up the actual structure and rhyme schemes etc with something that actually packs more of an emotional punch or tells an interesting story - I think you will have a better song. For me - emotion in a song is what I’m interested in or telling a story. I also like there to be something a bit different about it. I’m drawn to the slightly unusual - whether or not I always succeed in creating it is another thing. It will be different for everyone but that’s what I like doing. My first draft beat is a hip hop kind of beat inspired by Father but I’m not exactly a rapper so I’m not sure that my lyrics will match it. I really do like the effortless style that Kitty has on her song Florida. Perhaps something like that might work for me … I’ll see!