There Are No Bees are now a duo and have released a brand new single called Melo. I thought their first ep was great and enjoyed interviewing them at the time. This song is even better! It has a dance orientated beat and the lyrics go harder and faster - the two members really show they are excellent rappers here. They serve up their menace with a pretty touch, I think. As the lyrics say, the ep was just the entre and their upcoming album is definitely something to get excited about!


Favourite EP's of 2018 so far

Here are some of my favourite ep’s of 2018 so far. They link to the interviews I have done or have coming up for Pastel Zine in the case of TANB, Satu, Peach Club and The Pom Poms, which is super great! Once again - I’m including some music videos.

The Pom-Poms - The Pom-Poms EP

There Are No Bees - Before EP

SATU - Growing Up EP

Cuco - Chiquito EP

Clairo - diary 001 EP

Peach Club - Cherry Baby EP