Pastelgrrl beats

Welcome to the first installment of my blog about beginning to produce beats. I began the process of learning to make beats in January this year. A couple of months along - I have had both "I am so bad at this" and "I'm actually making progress" moments. Learning any new skill is always a mixture of frustration and small breakthroughs. It's important to realise that it will all take time but also to put time into learning and practising on a regular basis. I find working on beatmaking for even an hour or so a few evenings a week to be really helpful. 

You Tube is a great teacher if you are not doing formal training - which I am not. I like Collective Intelligence's You Tube channel. They post a lot of really useful videos which show you how to make beats in different styles like dupstep and trap which I started with. 

I finished my first beat which actually sounds okay this weekend! It's a hip hop style beat with sounds from akicanon's drumkit and cymatics. I used midi to make my drumbeat but I am planning on creating a drumbeat using audio too as it seems like an interesting alternative technique.

This beat has no mixing or effects though - so it's really a baby beginner's beat but it's a start.  

Ableton isn't the easiest DAW to learn in that there are both session and arrangement views but it's all becoming a bit clearer as I go on and does have these different ways of working in it! I do have a Novation launchpad too but I'm not seeing a great use for it so far. I also have a Roland sampler which I never figured out how to use properly. At least working within Ableton itself is working for me now. More later!